about practise!

about practise!
The internship search practice! is intended to offer the possibility of vocational or study orientation for pupils and school leavers from the Heidelberg region. Be it as part of the BORS / BOGY internships at schools or as a preparation for the future profession or study course.
The aim is to install a platform adapted to the technical and content needs of young people on which Heidelberg students and school leavers can search for internships. At the same time, companies from the region are given the opportunity to get to know potential trainees and thus secure their new generation.

The Search

Centrally on the home of practice! you can find the internship search,on which you can search directly for internships and so-called key words. The search is intended to provide applicants who already have a concrete idea of ​​their professional career and enter concrete job descriptions.

Occupational groups

The occupational groups aim at interested persons with less concrete ideas but an already existing interest in an area such as, for example, computers or crafts. Here, the professional groups should serve as a starting point or point of entry for the career or internship search.


Through the key words, which describe the particular profession, an opportunity was created to link similar occupations logically for interested parties. In addition, the slogans can serve to arouse interest in a professional group or a specific profession.

About the authors

In the planning and financing of practice! were involved the Jugendagentur Heidelberg, the Bürgerstiftung Heidelberg an the Regionale Bildungsbüro/Amt für Schule und Bildung of the city of Stadt Heidelberg.
The regional education office is located at the office of school and education of the city of Heidelberg. In 2009, Heidelberg was included in the program "Bildungsregionen" by the state of Baden-Württemberg. The regional educational office is a tax group in which representatives of the city of Heidelberg and the country meet. In addition to cross-cutting tasks, such as the networking and support of educational institutions and the right to education, the Regional Education Office has a wide range of topics. These include language promotion, inclusion, transition from the day care center to primary school, and the transition from school to training or to a profession.

practice! is an instrument designed to help young people to find an appropriate training or job as part of an internship. In this respect, this page supports vocational orientation in schools and thus contributes to a successful transition to education or occupation as a measure.
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