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Comment: internship period: at least 2 weeks, better would be 4 weeks; you need your own safety shoes

Wood is a diverse material that can be used to make many different things. As a carpenter you produce wooden buildings and constructions of all sorts. As a joiner you process wood in various ways using various tools and machines. We from Werkstatt Spielart design individual playgrounds that harmonize with nature. We combine elements of creative planning and artistic design with manual work.

Do you like working in the open air and on construction sites? Do you enjoy shaping wood? Then apply for an internship in our joinery/carpentry workshop and find out more!

Mechatronics engineer for two-wheelers

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You want to ride your bicycle to school and suddenly you notice that the brakes of your old bicycle do not work properly. Fortunately, you left home early enough to walk to school in time. However, walking to school every day is out of the question and unfortunately, you do not have enough money to buy a brand-new bicycle.

In this situation, the best solution for your perfect bicycle is mechatronics engineers for two-wheelers. They are able to repair your old, faulty bicycle and transform it into your dream bike. Mountain bikes, city bikes, unicycles, individual spare parts or components - they can repair and convert anything so that your bicycle keeps functioning and you protect the environment from further toxic exhaust. In addition, they advise customers and, of course, sell new bicycles, used bicycles and accessories.

In our bicycle shop, we offer quality products at affordable prices.

You are good with your hands and wish to do an internship with us?

Then please contact us! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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